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We have mixed hundreds of test mixes, sniffed what must be close to every flavour available and of course some that are not to devise baits that make an impact on the waters edge.


Here at SEBaits we have been mixing baits for decades to bring anglers high quality, high performance baits. We believe that quality should not cost a fortune so we do our best to provide our superb range of bottom baits, buoyant baits and bait enhancers at the lowest price we can without skimping on quality.

We currently have three tried and tested flavours in our range, K-2, Nut-Nut and IMPACT and we are always working to bring new flavours to the table to keep up with our customers needs and trends in the fishing industry.

Have a look round our website to find out more about our baits and flavour range and if you have any question, want a quote or to place an order then please feel free to drop us a call, an e-mail or look us up on Facbook.

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