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Pop-ups and Wafters

Pop-ups and wafters are a buoyant bait that allow an angler to fish off the bottom of a lake bed. They are highly flavoured, packed full of attractant and come in a range of colours and sizes to suit all situations and needs.


We sell tubs of 12mm or 14mm pop-ups in washed-out pink, fluro yellow, white, cream, brown, black and purple. All sizes and colours are available in our three most successful and popular flavours including our new flavour IMPACT.

Picture of washed-out pink pop-ups
Picture of fluro yellow pop-ups
Picture of white pop-ups
Picture of cream pop-ups
Picture of brown pop-ups
Picture of black pop-ups
Picture of purple pop-ups


Our wafters are available in K-2 and IMPACT. We offer K-2 wafters in brown or washed-out pink and IMPACT in cream. All of our wafters are 14mm and sold by the tub.

If there isn't anything in our flavour range that takes your fancy or if you want a custom flavour made we can do that too, just give us a call and tell us what you want.


Picture of brown wafters
Picture of washed-out pink wafters
Picture of cream wafters


K 2 flavour background
Description of K 2 Flavour
Nut Nut flavour background
Description of Nut Nut Flavour
Impact flavour background
Description of Impact Flavour

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