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SEBaits offer everything you need to pimp our baits to new heights. Whether you want to add instant attraction to your hook bait with our super-powered dips, glugs and gunks, take your spod mix to new levels with our PVA friendly Bait Juice or put the cherry on top with out Bait Dust, we've got you covered.

Liquid Enhancers

All of our liquid attractant come in a 250ml, wide based, wide mouthed bottle and have a huge flavour content! The wide mouth means you can put your hook-bait - rig and all - straight into the bottle and the wide base makes it harder to knock over because we can all be a bit clumsy in the bivvie.

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Our dips, glugs and gunks all come in our three flavours, K-2, Nut-Nut and Impact.

Bait Dust

Bait Dust is a solid bait enhancer that can be used in PVA bags, stick mixes or stuck on to your hook baits using one of our liquid enhancers to add flavour through the layers of the water column.

Bait Dust is available in each of our three incredible flavours and is sold by the tub with a generous amount in each.

Picture of K 2 bait dust
Picture of Nut Nut bait dust
Picture of Impact bait dust

Bait Juice

Bait Juice is a PVA friendly liquid that can be put to a whole host of uses including adding it to your spod mix, PVA bags or stick mixes, washing in boilies and soaking particles, the possibilities are endless with this diverse liquid and there is no need to hold back because it is sold in a generous 1 litre bottle.

Bait Juice is available in each of our three incredible flavours and is sold in 1 litre bottles.

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Picture of Nut Nut bait juice
Picture of Impact bait juice


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